CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting applicators


As much as we may try to keep our bodies looking firm and contoured, sometimes it feels nearly impossible to remove certain stubborn bulges of fat through the typical methods of diet and exercise. This does not mean that we simply need to put up with these fat bulges though, as there are methods, and cosmetic treatments, specifically designed to tackle this problem. CoolSculpting is a treatment that works to reduce the appearance of these stubborn bulges of fat, and what’s more, is that it can be used in multiple different areas of the body. Furthermore, this is also a treatment which has a few different ‘applicators’, which can help the treatment to be specialised for use on even more potentially stubborn areas of fat on the body. If this sounds like a treatment which may in some way interest you, then you may wish to keep reading, as this article will go through the treatment process, as well as some of the different applicators and how they work, which should hopefully give you the knowledge confidence to decide if you would like this treatment done for yourself.

Deciding to have any sort of cosmetic treatment done is usually quite a big decision, and it is understandable that many of us may be nervous before going into such an environment. Therefore, it is important to have confidence in the clinic that you plan to elect to have CoolSculpting, or in fact any cosmetic treatment performed on you. To that end, it would be wise to consider going to The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we have a team of professional practitioners for all of the treatments that we offer, allowing you to be comfortable in the knowledge that by coming to us, you are in safe, experienced hands. Furthermore we use premium brands and our treatments have a reputation for offering top quality results; a legacy which we proudly intend to keep.

The treatment

CoolSculpting works by delivering precisely controlled cooling to the body’s fat cells. This causes fat cells to crystallise and die, at which point the body uses its own metabolism to process and get rid of them. This process takes a few weeks to happen, meaning that the results of the treatment should begin to show after about four to six weeks, with progressive improvement up until approximately sixteen weeks after initial treatment.


There are many different sized and shaped applicators for this treatment, each of which work slightly differently and are more specialised for targeting certain areas of fat. The CoolMini for example, is designed for the treatment of smaller and/or hard to reach bulges of fat. This applicator comes with a small vacuum cup which makes it ideal for treating submental fat, which includes the fat beneath the chin (double chin). It is also effective at treating bra fat, and fat around the knees and ankles. Other applicators include the CoolSmooth Pro – is used to treat the outer thighs – and the CoolPetite advantage, which has a cup shaped design, making it a great option for treating and reducing the appearance of longer areas of fat, such as the abdomen, upper arms and inner thighs.

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