Contouring the jawline with Ultherapy in London


One of the most noticeable changes in the structure of the maturing face is on the jawline. As cheeks begin to droop causing the effect of ‘jowls’ hanging on or below the jaw, this, in turn, causes the skin of the neck to sag too and it can be unflattering to those of us who are trying to maintain an elegant look throughout our later years. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we offer the tried and tested Ultherapy in London to restore a fresher and firmer contour to your face, possibly taking years off your appearance.

Why does the jawline seem to fade?

Wrinkles and thinner skin aside, what is happening under your skin as you age is a redistribution of subcutaneous fat. Gradually fat moves to unwelcome areas such as under eyes or along the jawline, instead of maintaining desired facial symmetry by volumising cheeks and along brow bones.As we lose greater production of the protein collagen over time, the connective tissue in our skin structure begins to weaken. The taut, plump freshness our skin enjoys in youth starts to be compromised and loses elasticity.

The loss in collagen is to blame for a deflating effect. After 40, the collagen production in our cells begins a steady decline and this process can accelerate with the use of too much sugar, smoking and UV exposure. With Ultherapy in London and the UK, you have a chance to boost your natural collagen production. This therapy is the only of its kind approved by the FDA as a non-surgical facelift procedure to help you redefine your contours in a safe way.

Your Ultherapy appointment

After your face is cleansed, a numbing treatment is applied to the skin for 20 minutes to help numb the area before the Ultherapy treatment. The areas that need to be treated are then marked on the skin to ensure optimum treatment and even distribution of the High-Frequency Ultrasound.

Using ultrasound gel, the applicator is gently moved over the skin sending focused ultrasound energy through different layers of the skin. The temperature of this therapy reaches 60-70 degrees Celsius but does not burn you; the heat is required to stimulate your natural production of collagen.

The process can take 45-60 min, after which you will be able to return to your regular schedule without any downtime.

The results

Ultherapy in London has had significant anti-ageing results for patients. The regenerative process begins as soon as treatment starts, and some lifting may be seen directly after the procedure is complete, however, over the following 3-6 months you will notice more significant changes as the natural collagen begins to do its job once more.

It has been noticed that objectively better facial contours have been delivered in as little as 6 weeks, especially on the jowls and double chin area. But this procedure is not only limited to the jawline; when used on other areas of the face, brows appear more lifted, eyes can look more youthful and skin appears smoother and feels more elastic.

These results may last 12-18 months and for continued rejuvenation it is advised to repeat the treatment annually.

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