Age prevention is easier than a cure with Ultherapy in London


Prevention is better than a cure they say and if you’re in your early thirties now is the time to start preventing further dramatic ageing in your skin, with Ultherapy in London. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, when it comes to your skin’s own ageing process, you can slow down the hands of time and even turn them back slightly without a needle in sight, simply by stimulating your skin’s own collagen production.

Ageing in your thirties

We know, it seems too soon, you’re too young to get old, but it’s happening and it’s happening faster than you might like to accept. You may have noticed fine lines around your eyes or that the furrows in your brow seem to last a little longer after you’ve stopped making an expression, perhaps your eye sockets have become more apparent or your jawline just seems to be a little less defined. And people can tell you all they want that you still look fresh, but you know your face, you’ve been staring at it for more than thirty years, there are changes happening, you’re not imagining them.

The bioenergy of your skin cells is starting to slow, which in turn slows down the creation of collagen in your skin. Collagen is the protein that holds everything together, which keeps it all in place where it should be, like it used to do when you were twenty-one. Hyaluronic acid (HA) the stuff that holds on to water and plumps up your skin is also becoming less. The loss of these things, as well as the elastin in your skin, is what’s causing your ageing, and unfortunately it’s all on a steady decline.

So what can I do?

You may want to rush out and buy all the anti-ageing products your pharmacy has to offer, but these just treat the surface, they don’t go very deep into that layer where the cells themselves are changing, your skin can only absorb so much topically and you are not hitting the problem at its root.

With Ultherapy in London, it treats deep into the dermis, right down to the bits that matter to stimulate your natural collagen production effectively. This is a preventative treatment, banking your collagen for the future. This treatment is the only FDA approved therapy that will lift the face in one treatment, making it a top of the line option for anti-ageing with impressive results.

How does it work?

Ultherapy in London uses ultrasound technology for a tighter, more lifted, and better-fitting skin over time. Results are visible after treatment and only improve with time as your collagen production begins to increase once again. This unique therapy allows the practitioner to see deep within the layers of the skin to know which areas will be the best to target, giving you firmness where it’s most needed.

The procedure can take sixty to ninety minutes, with results improving over time for the following three to six months when they may last to just under two years before a second treatment needs to be administered, making it a long-lasting, non-surgical anti-ageing procedure as well an investment in your collagen for the future.

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