The Secrets Are Out

It is no secret that celebrities make major investments in their anti-ageing regimes due to the demands of their work or being under the spotlight. But gone are the days when celebrities took dramatic steps to go under the knife to address the signs of ageing.

Sky’s Fitness channel has a new programme ‘Celebrity Beauty Secrets’ presented by Antonia Mariconda the Cosmedic Coach. And Antonia, for the first episode, turned to Dr Tracy Mountford to explain two key anti-ageing treatments, Thermage and Clear+Brilliant  and why celebrities choose these treatments.

Gwyneth Paltrow has made no secret of her love of Thermage and as Dr Tracy Mountford outlined on the programme, “Thermage is a treatment many celebrities turn to because it gives a natural look and doesn’t alter their facial features. The benefit and beauty of Thermage is its ability to tighten the skin and stimulate the formation of new collagen which is key to retaining a youthful look”.

Another key option for fresh looking skin is Clear + Brilliant. Dr Mountford explained how this treatment ‘improves skin texture and tone which gives a dewy, plump youthful looking skin. The benefits of both treatments, which can be used in tandem to tighten and freshen your skin, is the fact there is no downtime allowing a celebrity to invest in their skin a couple of days before their red carpet appearance.’

On the programme Dr Mountford also spoke about the need to invest in skin quality during your teens and twenties before there is trouble! The obvious measures are a minimising exposure to the sun, not smoking and hydration of the skin with water and a healthy food intake. These measures are suggested by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic to make any treatments from your 30s and 40s onwards easier. None of us, including celebrities, can alter our genes but we can invest in our skin by looking after it.

‘Celebrity Beauty Secrets’ is on Sky Fitness channel 282 at 7pm on Fridays. Thermage and Clear + Brilliant are on of the top 5 anti-ageing treatments at the Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

See Dr Tracy Mountford on the final episode

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