Cosmeceuticals Are Vital Adjuncts To Non surgical Cosmetic Treatments

In the ‘Cosmetic Procedures’ article in The Times supplement yesterday,  Dr Mountford was asked by Vicky Eldridge (Editor of Cosmetic News) “Is cosmeceutical skincare an important part of the process to enhance cosmetic treatments?” The answer is an emphatic yes, in particular, Sun Protection is one of the most essential parts of any aesthetic skincare programme. Sun damage is by far the biggest cause of premature ageing and many experts agree if you only do one thing for your skin, wearing sunscreens everyday is the most important step you can take to retain superior skin quality and keep wrinkles at bay……. Dr Mountford stated in the article; “High SPF’s are also an essential part of any anti-ageing programme as UV damage is the main accelerating cause of skin ageing and can have an impact on the good work of the non surgical treatments.”

Dr Mountford also states in her practice; “Cosmeceutical skincare ranges are now much more widely used today to enhance non-surgical skin boosting treatments (such as hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, micro needling, radio frequency skin tightening treatments etc) where the emphasis is on collagen stimulation. All my practitioners routinely prescribe highly active cosmeceutical home care regimens to work in synergy to prolong and enhance the effects of their patients in-clinic treatments. Also topical ingredients that feed, nourish and thicken the skin to improve treatment results including topical Vitamin C serum and Vitamin A are especially valuable to improve skin quality”.

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