Timeline to the Party Season


With the festive season around the corner, there are a few pressing questions for those interested in a cosmetic treatment in time for the party season. The Cosmetic Skin Clinic have taken the stress away in the big countdown to treatments. Factoring in when you will see results and any potential downtime, we have come up with the ultimate timeline to the party season so you will be ready and glowing right into the new year. 

As an extra cherry on top, our treatments have long lasting results so they can carry you into your 2024 summer months too, making it a great win-win situation for you when planned ahead.

Up to 2 weeks before the party

Forever Young BBL

The revolutionary Forever Young BBL uses an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser system to target and reduce skin imperfections. Forever Young BBL stimulates collagen renewal with its photorejuvenation technology, adding a healthy, luminous glow.

Concerns it addresses

BBL targets and reduces concerns including:

When can you expect initial results?

Forever Young BBL is a favourite thanks to our patients being able to see results in just a few days after the treatment.

Final results

The much-coveted final BBL results can be seen after 2 weeks.

Treatment time

BBL treatment can take around 10-30 minutes, depending on the treatment area condition.

Expected downtime

With BBL, there is really minimal expected downtime, with most of our patients finding they need no downtime. At the most, you should factor in 1-3 days as expected downtime, and this is dependent on your sensitivity levels with the chance of temporary mild redness.

Wrinkle Reduction

The most commonly used muscle relaxant is Botox®, which is a purified natural protein. It weakens the muscle response to enable it not to be so hyperactive when injected. This eases the appearance of wrinkles but also a number of other factors.

Concerns it addresses

Botox effectively treats facial lines and wrinkles in the following areas:

Botox can also treat:

When can you expect to see results?

You can expect to see Botox results around the 5-7 day period.

Treatment time

Wrinkle reduction (Botox) treatment is a quick procedure taking up to 20-30 minutes and is why it is called the lunch time treatment.

Expected downtime

With Botox, there is fortunately an extremely minimal expected downtime for around 20 minutes. The Cosmetic Skin Clinic do recommend that if you bruise easily, to book your Botox appointment to be at least a week or a week and a half in advance to your first festive engagement.

1 – 4 weeks before the party

Dermal Fillers

With so many factors that can affect the health of our skin, including working hard all year long to get to the fun season, Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers are a clear favourite skin saver. With our expert team of medical practitioners working their magic touch, immediately, nutrients are restored, lifting skin to look youthful and refreshed. At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we only use premium FDA-approved facial fillers to deliver exceptionally long-lasting and much-loved results to our patients in time for their special occasions.

Concerns it addresses

Dermal Fillers can treat the upper, mid and lower face, neck and decolletage for the following concerns:

When can you expect initial results?

The results of dermal fillers are visible immediately after injection.

Final results

Depending on the filler, it may take up to 4 weeks for the filler to fully integrate into the tissue.

Treatment time

Dermal filler treatment time is approximately 15-45 minutes.

Expected downtime                            

The best thing about dermal filler is there is little or no downtime! The minimal risk of swelling won’t interfere with your day-to-day routine, however depending on the patient they might choose to take 24 hours to allow any potential swelling to go down or easily camouflage it with makeup.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic recommend you book your Dermal Filler at least a week in advance to factor in any potential swelling, ensuring you look your best in those party pictures.

For either Botox, Forever Young BBL or Dermal Filler, make sure you have your treatment at least one week before your social engagement!

3 weeks before the party


As an award-winning two in one skin tightening device, Morpheus8 is the much-loved collagen induction treatment. This revolutionary microneedling radiofrequency energy device gives tight skin and a more youthful and revived appearance matching the excitement of the party season.

Concerns it addresses

Morpheus8 can be used for full face (including jowls, lax or fatty nasolabial folds, jawline, double chins, neckline) and body (including chest, arms, thighs, abdomen/stomach, legs and buttocks). It targets specific concerns such as:

When can you expect initial results?

In just a few days, you can see visible skin tightening results.

Final results

Typically, results are more noticeable after three weeks. A three-month period after treatment will see continued improvements. As it renews skin and lifts and tightens, your contoured results will look natural yet radiant.

Treatment time

Morpheus8 treatment duration is usually 15-45 minutes.

Expected downtime

As an average, we would say the expected downtime could be a minimal 1-3 days, but this is determined by the patient’s general health, wellbeing and sensitivity level and treatment area sensitivity.

Up to 2-4 weeks before the party


Tighten, moisturise and strengthen the skin with Profhilo, the breakthrough anti-ageing treatment known as the ‘injectable moisturiser’. Profhilo treats the source of ageing and not just the symptoms. You can get your glow back in time to seeing your friends and family. Say yes to hydrated, revitalised and dewy skin tightening and lifting results that will make everyone want a bit of your glow.

Concerns it addresses

It addresses concerns on common areas like the face, neck, hands, decolletage and arms.

Profhilo address concerns of:

  • Skin lacking hydration and moisture levels
  • Loss of collagen and elastin
  • Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin laxity
  • Dull skin (Profhilo restores skin luminosity and dewiness)
  • Lifting loose, sagging skin
  • Volume loss, sunken or hollow areas
  • Strengthening and firming skin texture

When can you expect results?

Within a month of receiving Profhilo treatment, you will notice an immediate improvement in the texture and tightness of your skin. Maintenance treatments are required twice a year in order to maintain the results.

Treatment time

Profhilo treatment time takes a quick 15 minutes.

Expected downtime

With Profhilo, there is no major downtime. In fact, at the site of the injections, there may be temporary swelling or bruising, so our experts recommend accounting for 24-72 hours as a generous recovery time to allow these to go away. However, these should be minor and can be easily covered with mineral make up after 24 hours.

Who said the party season ends on December 31st? Our treatments are long lasting and will carry you into the new year and even the summer months looking refreshed and sculpted. So, check out the below popular CoolSculpting, Ultherapy and EMSculpt Neo  treatments for those who like to plan ahead with minimal effort.

1 – 3 months before the party

CoolSculpting (non-surgical fat reduction)

You want to look and feel your best during this time of year plus let’s not forget the winter sun break. We choose what to wear depending on how we feel about our bodies. If you suffer from stubborn pockets of fat that you can’t shift, CoolSculpting can come to the rescue. Using an advanced cooling technology, this FDA-approved treatment freezes fat cells away.

Concerns it addresses

Reduces unwanted body fat with lasting smooth, toned and contoured results for:

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we are the best equipped to tackle your concerns with CoolSculpting as we have performed over 50,000 fat freezing treatments earning us the title of ‘Number 1 clinic for CoolSculpting in the UK’

When can you expect final results?

Results make take a while to show, as the frozen fat cells need to be naturally processed and expelled from your body. Once this process starts, in as little as four to six weeks, you can expect to see results. These results will continue to improve for a further 14 to 16 weeks, with fat cells being flushed out for up to 3-6 months.

Treatment time

The CoolSculpting treatment will take 35 minutes per cycle depending on the area being treated.

At The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, we believe that one size doesn’t fit all so we are delighted to have on offer a range of CoolSculpting applicators that can tackle different areas of the body. From CoolSculpting Mini, CoolAdvantage and CoolSculpting Elite, we can inclusively treat larger or small areas and are also able to target multiple areas at the same time. So rather than treating two areas taking over 60 minutes, we can do it in half the time for you.

Expected downtime

There is little downtime with most CoolSculpting patients resuming normal activities. It is always possible that there may be redness or soreness and some bruising. However, this usually subsides within a week or two.

This is a slow-burning treatment, so you won’t see immediate results. However, once the results start to show, it’ll be worth the wait. Whether you want the results for the festive season, the new year or to be ready for the summer, make sure to plan ahead and book your CoolSculpting treatment.

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Ultherapy is the leading ultrasound lifting procedure for tighter, better fitting and firmer skin. Using micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation (MFU-V) energy, Ultherapy reboots the body’s skin repair process to stimulate the natural renewal of our collagen and elastin levels.

This treatment is much loved by the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Tess Daly and Kim Kardashian who quite obviously enjoy flawless, tightened skin that radiates vitality and rejuvenation. And who better to treat your than The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, the UK’s No 1 Ultherapy clinic for the 9th year in a row.

Concerns it addresses

Ultherapy address multiple areas and treats these concerns:

Impressive Ultherapy benefits include:

  • Regenerates natural collagen and elastin
  • Lifts saggy and droopy skin
  • Reduces unwanted body fat with lasting results
  • Tightens and firms skin texture
  • Promotes a fresh, natural, and rejuvenated appearance

When can you expect initial results?

After the treatment, some patients may see an initial lift. However, you might not get the full effects of the results immediately, but you will get the initial effect of skin tightening.

Final results

After the initial lift, real results become more apparent over a 3-6 month period as new collagen is being created. Keeping in mind the time period, you can get Ultherapy closer to the date of the party, but if you want to see full results then aim to get this treatment 3-6 months ahead of the party so you can show off your tight and lifted skin.

Treatment time

An Ultherapy treatment can last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

Expected downtime

Ultherapy requires near to zero downtime. Possibilities for a little downtime would be in the case of experiencing slight redness which will subside within an hour or two. Occasionally, patients may experience very mild and temporary swelling, tingling, and even tenderness.

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