Profhilo: A New Skin Remodelling Treatment


Its been a while since we introduced Profhilo to you and many of our patients are loving this new skin remodelling treatment in combination with their fillers. They work in harmony together. Which is why we decided to re-share this video with you.

Recap on Profhilo:

Profhilo is a new generation of hyaluronic acid which stimulates collagen and elastin within the skin. After a topical anaesthetic is applied, Profhilo is delivered by injecting just underneath the skin’s surface at strategic injection points; the Profhilo spreads across the treatment area blending smoothly into the skin, creating the desired results. It is this collagen stimulation that results in significant improvement of the skin quality.

Over a few weeks following the treatments a gradual tightening result will appear and can last up to six months. Results can vary from patient to patient and following a consultation with your practitioner and assessment of your needs, you will be advised which treatment protocol is best for you.

To see Dr Joanna Christou, one of our talented cosmetic doctors demonstrate our new treatment Profhilo on the neck and hands of one of our patients Alison; watch the video below…

*DISCLAIMER Patient experience and results may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as lifestyle, age and medical history.

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