Natural Looks For Longer?

Redefine your face over time with Sculptra® Collagen Replenishing Treatment. As we get older the onset of wrinkles and fine lines is inevitable however hard we try to avoid it. Our skin loses its natural hydration and elasticity with volume, bone and fat loss all contributing to the ageing face. It is perhaps not surprising then that with the vast range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments available, increasing numbers of women are looking to reduce the signs of aging but want a soft and natural cosmetic enhancement.

If you are looking for a gradual, longer-lasting result, then Sculptra® may be right for you. It is a unique treatment that has been specifically developed to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and restore facial volume by encouraging the production of your own natural collagen. This is the substance your body produces to give your skin its firm and youthful appearance. From an early age the rate at which it is produced slows down, volume is lost and this causes those wrinkles and depressions.

Sculptra® is administered via a series of small injections. The gel initially fills the wrinkle but works over time stimulating your own facial collagen production to replenish your skin providing a natural looking result. It works gradually to restore what has been lost.

Sculptra® is ideal for treating most areas of the face including the temple, cheeks, around the corners of mouth, jowls and the chin area. It is especially effective on areas that have become hollow or baggy such as folds round the chin.

On average 3 treatments are required initially and you should start to see the full effect approximately 6 weeks after having your treatment, although this can vary from patient to patient. Once your treatment plan is complete the results can last upto 2 years after your last treatment.

Before and After Sculptra® Collagen Replenishing Treatment

Dr Tracy Mountford has been quoted on ‘All About You’ stating “Sculptra® helps to replenish collagen naturally and is ideal for people who have lost volume in their face, whether by age or weight loss, or have deep lines and folds and want a gradual and subtle way to restore a healthy fuller shape to their face.”

Celebrity clients who endorse Sculptra®, include Anna Ryder Richardson who says “If friends and family who haven’t seen me for a while say to me, ‘you look well, healthy, fresh’, that means Sculptra® has been really successful for me”

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