The Instant Face Lift!

Is it possible to have an ‘Instant Facelift’ without surgery? Yes is the answer – Nicky Hambleton-Jones of Look & Feel Younger  (Anti-ageing advice portal) and TV presenter of Ten Years Younger, interviews non-surgical expert Dr Tracy Mountford of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic on the latest non-surgical techniques, from Fillers to Botox. With first hand advice from Dr Mountford as to what is the best age to start anti ageing treatments? Through to what secrets for anti ageing Dr Mountford may have in her beauty bag?

This is followed by  a further interview and video footage of Dr Tracy Mountford performing the Y Lift  using Restylane SubQ. There are other products suited to this procedure such as  JuvédermTM VOLUMA TM.  

Both these products are long lasting and information can be obtained about these and many other  treatments from our reception team on 01753 646 660. Alternatively email us on [email protected]

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