Plump up your pout

Dr Tracy Mountford Medical Director of  The Cosmetic Skin was quoted as one of the leading non surgical experts in lip enhancement for a recent article in The Daily Mail: ‘The secret to younger looking lips’ and was asked for suggestions in ‘perking up your pout?’ ……..

Dr Mountford was asked “Does non surgical lip enhancement work?” “Yes”. ‘We inject the product into lips, avoiding the edges where it can form a ridge,’  ‘Hyaluronic acid acts like a scaffolding to support and lift the lip from the inside”.

She went onto say “As lips are so mobile, fillers last only between six months and a year. Collagen-based fillers are used less and less in lips: they last only a couple of months.”

Sara a patient of  The Cosmetic Skin Clinic didnt want to look ‘done’ and wanted her lips to look subtle, enhanced and to look fuller, but still in keeping with her natural looks. This Restylane treatment  has achieved a dramatic softening and lifting effect but still leaving Sara looking natural. Lines have been smoothed and the lips subtly enhanced giving  a ‘happier’ mouth as opposed to the previous ‘sad’ look.

Plump Up Your Lips was an article written for The Daily mail by Jenny Stocks.

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