Trends In Natural Lip Enhancement with Restylane

Throughout history lips have always attracted the most attention as the most sensual feature of the face. The 20th century has seen a multitude of trends and icons. Now in the new millennium the natural look is desirable.

Lip enhancement can deliver lips that are soft, sensuous and in harmony with your looks. As a doctor I have many years experience in non surgical aesthetics and my philosophy is simple, to restore, enhance and maintain beautiful looks.

In the past people were always asking me about more permanent materials being used in the quest for something to last significantly longer, this was something I was asked for a number of times. Nowadays we are steering well away from that kind of thing. It is much safer to inject natural products that break down in the skin naturally, normally over 6 to 9 months or so. In this way we can deliver exactly what a patient wants as they age, for example we may want slightly fuller lips in our thirties and to simply to get rid of lines in our fifties, so something that’s broken down over a period of time will mean that each time we see a patient we can tailor make that treatment accordingly. Read more on Lip Enhancement treatments

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