Tracy’s top 4 most popular treatments for 2009

The Y Lift

The Y Lift is a technique for lifting and volumising the face. Natural beauty is a careful balance of features and this procedure subtly enhances the cheeks, restoring lost volume and width to the face instantly creating a rejuvenated lifted effect. Combined with carefully placed filler in the lower face, a non surgical mini-lift is achieved.

Nefertiti Lift

This is a treatment which can tighten and redefine the neck and jawline restoring an elegant and more youthful look.

“In an industry where looks are everything, and where they mean even more as we age, I have been hesitant and indeed, reluctant to do anything which might create an obvious change to the unforgiving camera before which I work. After my own research into non-surgical procedures for skin revitalisation, Restylane and Restylane Vital have been the obvious choices for me and the results are many fold. Surprisingly, these treatments are long lasting. Not only are they non-invasive but instead of topping up every couple of months they are proving to be progressive; getting better with more time between treatments. Not only is this a positive point physically it is certainly a plus financially”.

Clair Chryssolor, Actress, Buckinghamshire

The Natural Brow Lift

There is a trend now for low dose Botox® in the brow, “Mini Botox”. For those of you who want a very natural look but still want the anti ageing and preventative benefits of Botox® this is the ideal treatment for you.

Restylane Vital

This treatment is still one of my favourites and one of the most popular treatments for last year and I predict it will be even more popular in 2009. The natural hydrating properties of Restylane® Vital make it the obvious choice for all those skin areas that take on a rough dehydrated or crêpey appearance. These areas typically include the face, neck, and décolletage as well as the backs of hands.  It plumps up the skin in a way that creams and other moisturisers simply cannot do.  Restylane® Vital moisturises skin from deep within and is actually now proven by clinical studies to work preventatively to stop lines forming.  Its sister product Restylane® Vital Light, recently launched the latter part of last year, is excellent for younger more sensitive skin.

Restylane treatment

“Following some research I came across Dr Tracy Mountford and her team and decided to visit The Cosmetic Skin Clinic for a consultation. I immediately felt relaxed with her and can say that I have complete faith and trust in the clinic – which for me is imperative. I have been delighted with the results of the treatments – it is a question of making the most of what you have and encouraging it along the way!”.

Jill,Wargrave, Berkshire

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