Pucker Up Your Lips for International Kissing Day – 6th July

As National Kissing Day draws ever closer, the self-conscious amongst us may look on with pursed lips…but if you have someone special to kiss on the 6th July, The Cosmetic Skin Clinic promises a perfect pout for the occasion in just one sitting with one of our highly trained clinicians. Ageing Lips These days, the […]

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Restylane Skinboosters To Improve Skin Quality

Restylane® skinboosters are different from both fillers and toxins and are more about care than correction, and the results are visible without changing the shape of your face.

Restylane® skinboosters create luminous skin on the outside by gently and naturally smoothing the skin from the inside. By adding long-lasting hyaluronic acid right under the skin surface, Restylane® skinboosters restore the hydrobalance and improve the structure, firmness and elasticity of the skin, giving it new lustre and glow.

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